Now Offering Buyer Rebates and Low Listing Fees!

Save thousands when you work with a rebate real estate agent who shares commission!

We offer Buyers a Buyer Rebate that includes new homes, pre owned homes, and raw land.

Your Buyer Rebate can be used towards your closing cost or cash back to you at closing.

Rebates are legal in Texas and in many other states across the U.S. Many people inaccurately assume that there is a “catch” or that they will get in trouble, or other things associated with rebates. This is totally NOT TRUE! Per the Department of Justice, rebates are 100% legal in the state of Texas!

We also can help you with your options on building your custom dream home.

Whatever your real estate needs are, we can help you.  

Call us today at 830-446-6057 to get more information about how much you can save with a Buyer Rebate.